Influencer Jenn McNaughton identifies and interprets fashion trends and inspirations of the moment, with a nod to where they’re coming from and how to make them your own.


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The question, “Does Toronto have style?” has been asked many a time. Sure we have a burgeoning food scene with renowned chefs looking to set up shop and our architecture preserves a time of the past while cultivating a more modernized artfulness. Even in fashion, some of our designers are striking big. Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau just donned our very own Ellie Mae in Washington, and designers such as Beaufille and Sid Neigum travelled to New York and London to debut their collections for fall 2016, breaking the stereotype that Canadian fashion very rarely extends beyond our own borders.



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But what stylistically defines us as Torontonians and Canadians at large? Welcoming Saks Fifth Avenue to Canada, Cadillac Fairview questions in their latest video series giving their take on fashion here at home showcasing local talents like photographer, Caitlin Cronenberg and professional hockey player, Joffrey Lupul. Other big name retailers like Nordstrom and Uniqlo are following suit and will be making their way in late 2016. But even after watching stars reveal Toronto’s dynamism, quoting “it’s another renaissance”, I’m still left wondering, “Why?”


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Is it that with our modernity, culture and increasing energy, we’re mirroring New York more and more? Or does Toronto have a pace all on its own? Perhaps, it’s our adaptation to change; something that in part has to do with our youthfulness and perhaps largely, our indecisive weather. But who better to ponder this question over than our very own influencers, heading back to the bi-annual fashion week event, held at the tents in David Pecaut Square for yet another season (only one that has a little less to do with March’s spring forward)?


If anyone is proving Toronto’s agility, it’s these guys.


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