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For my previous intentions post, I wanted to note my plan to rid myself of style rules. I don’t mean a complete closet overhaul but maybe a mini-rented U-haul, moving around new product month-to-month and testing out new spaces (er, styles) as life progresses. Okay, I’m kidding but with a new year brings new possibilities and an open mind, and since I’m still riding out this style transformation 2015 sought out but didn’t quite fulfill, 2016 is the year of a tangible style shift.

For starters, I’m v not over frayed denim but haven’t yet acquired a pair. This pant in particular by Marques Almeida fits the bill, offering more of a trouser-style denim with thinner fringing than most I’ve seen. 3×1 of course, shreds a pair with thicker and fewer frays but until they do it in a black or grey jean, I’m not interested. Although I will admit, blue jean is slowly growing on me. Note: slowly. These Grey Ant angular aviator sunnies are also a foreign style I’m warming up to. Usually I’m a cat-eye rim kinda gal, as you know well, but since I’m saying never say never… Just don’t quote me on that, hey.

To keep my money and mind and mind and money in check, there’s this hand-fold Opening Ceremony wallet and Poketo planner to do the hefty job. I’m not a functioning human unless I have three lists running at a time and both calendars, electronic and hand-written, full. So until these come into my possession, don’t ask me to participate within society.

Have me re-read this at the end of the year, will you?

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