Whenever I have visitors coming, I try and get a car for review purposes. As I’ve stated many times, my 2007 Mazda constantly needs a lot of work done, and it kinda makes my butt numb after driving it for more than an hour.


Stepping up the luxury, I received the 2016 Lexus IS200t to review for the entire time Zach was here.


Zach is my ‘little’ neighbour from Newfoundland, who is now basically a giant at 8 foot 10. K, not really that tall, exaggeration considering I still think of him as little zacckie. He literally grew up next door to me, and I even remember the day his mother brought him home. In fact, his Mom helped me pick out my wedding dress and our wedding rings within that 6 day planned wedding. So, we’re close! And he came to visit us for a couple of days. So hellooooo of course I’m going to tour around. I love playing tour-guide, especially with people who haven’t been in California EVER. So showing people the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time, and seeing their reactions is something I really love watching.

You gotta visit Baker Beach, it’s where Jessica first showed me the Golden Gate Bridge when I first moved here. Except, you have to go in the early morning, since it becomes a nude beach for the elderly men. No joke….

This is an excerpt from the article Cycling across the Golden Gate Bridge! which originally appeared on http://www.spiffykerms.com/.