David Beckham stars in the H&M 2016 Bodywear Campaign and the H&M Modern Essentials Selected film which you can view above.  The collection will be available in stores on February 18th 2016 and online.

“Everything about my Bodywear for H&M has to be authentic. If I wouldn’t wear it then it doesn’t go in the collection! I want to choose a range that has great quality and design but is affordable. I’m always trying to evolve the Bodywear collection, and include classic pieces like sweaters and track pants that I would wear out or at home,” –  David Beckham.

david-beckham-hm-2016-bodywear-campaign david-beckham-hm-2016-bodywear-campaignImage H&M

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This is an excerpt from the article David Beckham; H&M 2016 Bodywear Campaign which originally appeared on http://beautyisdiverse.com/.