Vancouver-based company Dish & DU/ER launches what they claim is the  “most technically advanced jeans ever made“. Quite a claim you might say. Let’s see how they back up that statement, shall we?

But first, what do they mean by ”most technically advanced”? The fabric used for their denim collection is called Nature2X – a unique weave made of Tencel (made from Eucalyptus) that when combined to polyester, cotton and spandex, it results in a fabric is perfect to make dressy trousers everyday trousers but with the feel of sweatpants. Not only does it absorb sweat, but it also dries quickly, kills bacteria, and stays soft onto the skin.

With today’s physically active and about-town generation, a pair of jeans that fits your lifestyle may be of utmost importance. Think about it. You love wearing jeans, but while your skinny, straight or bootcut looks great on you, the minute you must accelerate your pace, go up a hill or stairs, run to a meeting, riding your bike or end the day to play with your pooch in the park, the need of comfort is but inevitable. That’s where your Dish or DU/ER N2X jeans come in to play and fill that void. Same fashionable styles with amazing additional features such as larger pockets to fit the ever-growing size of smart devices, lined pockets shielding against radiation from cellphones and built-in seat gusset to avoid unexpected and unfortunate butt-crack tearing – yes, butt-crack tearing.




Who knew a pair a pants could offer all that? As “life is a performance”, one befitting it is like wine and cheese. If that sounds right and good to you, you should definitely help in getting the word and style out by helping their Kickstarter campaign launching todayCheck out the page to know more about the science behind the fabric, the cool crew working on the project and take advantage of the offer of a reduced price on the jeans on the first 30 days.

With jeans that adapt to all your activities, it could very well be the jeans to end all jeans.

Live. Laugh. Live.


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