Hi “5 Minutes for Mom” Readers. It’s Patti from Sincerelyjean and today we bring you a DIY fabric painted bedroom bench makeover.

I have always wanted a bedroom bench at the end of my bed but I also didn’t want to spend a pretty penny on it. I was at a garage sale a while back and I found an ugly green sofa bench for $15 dollars. Score! So I bought it, promising myself that I would do a makeover on it.

Fabric painted bedroom bench

Well six months later is was still sitting at the foot of my bed. Still green and ugly. It has some indentions in  the cushion and every time I walked into the room I cringed at the sight.

I finally decided it was time to give this poor thing a facelift. I knew I didn’t want to re-fabric it, I’ve done that before and it just takes me too long.

So I decided to fabric painted it. I was a little nervous about it at first but then I thought hey, it can’t get much worse then it is now and if I ruin it, it was only $15. I am so glad that I did it….

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