Let me throw this out there: I’m not a DIYer, nor am I any good at crafts. I’m an awful cook, can’t make a gingerbread house stand up to save my life and much rather fork out the money to buy the shirt than to attempt a half-assed creation. But after seeing friends marble their nails years ago, I thought I’d attempt an ornament version for my newly acquired tree (post to follow). So here commences my #notsoethicalDIY – in other words, **outcome may vary. All about that fine print.



Step 1: Wipe your glass ornaments with a towel to ensure dust particles are removed and won’t create air-bubbles.

Step 2: Pour a few drops of silver nail polish into a container of water–ensure it is deep enough to swirl ornament around in.

Step 3: Take spoon or straw to create circle-like movements in water to mix around polish.

Step 4: Dunk glass ornaments in until it reaches desired print.

Step 5: Lay upside down in a plastic cup to dry or place upside down back in tray (an empty egg tray will also do).

Step 6: Insta, obvi. ?



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