You guys!

I am so exciting that I finally tackled this project.

It’s been on my mental “to do” list for a few years now.

And I have to credit a friend of mine for finally getting the ball rolling.  She messaged me the other day that she had some nice stumps I might like – and sent me a picture of hers all sanded and smooth.

I was sold.

I knew it would be the perfect little side table on our deck this year… we are switching a few things around and it works really well with a new addition that I plan to share with you soon!

So here is how you can make your own simple & thrifty DIY outdoor rolling stump side table…

And add a little rustic chic feel to your deck or patio this summer.

I toyed around with how I wanted to finish this guy off.

I knew I wanted to stain it and give it a protective coat of outdoor varathane.

But I thought I might want to paint it?  Maybe a “dipped” looking finish on the bottom?

In the end, life won out and I didn’t have time to tackle anything extravagant.  I figure I can always add some paint down the road, but once it’s painted it’s hard to go back.

Here is what the chunk of log or stump looked like before I started…

DIY Rolling Stump Outdoor Side Table or Stool tutorial at the happy housie-1


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