This piano has quite a history.

We bought it from our good friend’s parents and have held onto through a few homes and moves.

It’s one of those pieces that I couldn’t quite let go of, yet that we didn’t really have a need for.

But now that the boys are getting older they are showing a definite interest in music.

They are constantly performing songs for me.  My youngest was given a guitar for Christmas.  And my sister bequeathed her drum kit to them.

{I’m pretty sure it was a gift to them and not-so-much a gift to me, if you know what I mean.}

But since they seem to be pretty interested in learning music and because they demonstrated a definite aversion to us giving the piano away, we decided to freshen it up and make a real place for it in our basement makeover project.

And this colourful painted piano makeover, featuring some homemade chalky paint, was the perfect way to bring a tired old piano into this century.

Colourful Painted Piano Makeover using homemade chalky paint tutorial at the happy housie


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