Not being dramatic. These laser headlights literally exist.

See – sticker proof.

It’s an all-new technology from Audi, making them 1st automaker to offer laser lights in production cars.

It will debut on the 2017 Audi R8.

How it Works:

There are 2 lasers installed into the headlight for use when the high-beams are engaged.

These 2 lasers replace the 37 LEDs found in the 2015 models.

The lasers emit a blue colour which is converted into a pure, white light that mimics daylight. And because a laser light is both brighter and more concentrated, it reduces driver fatigue and makes it easier to recognize contrast.

Best of all though, a laser high‑beam achieves twice the lighting range of an LED one.

It can be fine-tuned better than an LED. So the 2017 R8’s camera‑based sensor system will detect an oncoming vehicle, then actively adjust the light pattern to exclude it from the high-beam’s glare.

In the photo below, top is the light at the end of a track day, in the bright sun with my iPhone. Below is the press photo. Pretty eh.

Important – ONLY Canadian models
will offer this tech

The headlights on the 2017 American model will be the same LCDs as the outgoing one.

So US buyers – the cost of importing our model might be worth it, if only so you can say, “hi hi, my car has lasers.”

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This is an excerpt from the article Drive by Laser. No Really… LASERS which originally appeared on Keri Car Talk.