I really can’t believe we’re nearing the end of August already. Although I hate to say goodbye to summer, you won’t find another person who hates winter as much as I do, I am excited for new Fall trends. With that, it’s time to toss items we know won’t be in style next summer or pieces that we’ve been holding onto that we know we’ll never wear again. As I sat in my closest tossing clothing items, I came up with a quick top 8 items you don’t need in your closest right now. Running this fashion blog, its hard for me to toss items, in fear I might need it one day. That being said, I tend to buy cheap clothes when I know its only going to be in style for a season or two, that way I dont have as hard of a timing letting things go when its no long on trend.

First up, items that don’t fit you. This is a given, yet we all tend to hold onto pieces in hopes that it will fit one day.

This also goes hand in hand with items that are physically painful to wear. How many pairs of shoes do you own that give you blisters or are too high to walk in? Toss them girl, life’s too short to wear painful clothing items…

flamingo tee

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