Ah, J.W. Anderson, the genius behind the intersectionality of un-gendered uniformity. I’ve been eyeing his handbags since his structured, envelope-shaped frame debuted in 2015. Pre-fall 2016 proved to peak my interest more so, after he added the irony of a minimalist

statement via hoop hardware as fasteners or handles. As did Chloe, seen in the hands of just about every blogger on the face of planet Internet. Whilst I haven’t quite stumbled upon my ultimate dream bag the way they flocked towards the Faye, I can say that this rendition from Zara hit the mark. It’s soft and buttery, so much so that you need to practically fill it to the rim for it to maintain any sort of shape. But those handles…those handles. Light coloured wood enclosed with silver hardware for that unorthodox synthetic-organic aesthetic. They also fold down, making it more of a clutch, complete with a cross-body strap making it a 3-in-1 carryall.

Perfect for fashion week–which has commenced yet again in the city–carrying my lifeline aka stash of Kind bars, Tide-to-go pens, blister bandaids and abundance of forgotten lip products, tbh. I’ll be changing things up and be mostly shooting outside of the tents this week, so I’ll actually be needing all the ‘survival kit’ contents as it pours for the majority of it. The fashion week rule of thumb, I suppose…

Top: Club Monaco, Skirt: Aritzia, Shoes: Oak + Fort, Bag: Zara

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Images: Form & Function


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