Monday was the first official day of summer, as the solstice rose into the Northern Hemisphere giving us 17 hours of heavenly light—in fashion this means more time to display a really on-point outfit. By now, you should be reaping the benefits of some extra vitamin D and have fully rehabilitated from your seasonally affected sorrow. If there’s one thing that excites me most about this time (other than clear skin and a radiant glow needn’t of highlighter), it’s my restored my passion for getting dressed in the morning.

The summer solstice is so important for it’s energy renewal, proving there’s a deeper correlation between our mental process of selecting an outfit and the sheer daily forecast. It’s not enough to stop it at “The sun is out and it’s 23 degrees, so I’ll wear a t-shirt”. That is half of the reason fashion psychology interests me so much; how did you decide on the light blue tee over the black? Are you more open to trying new trends and rediscovering pieces you’d previously thrown to the back of your wardrobe than months previous?

As trivial as it may be, I do think back to that pivotal scene in The Devil Wears Prada, where Andy can’t simply fathom why a hue of blue would be of such importance (if you need a refresher). And since we’re on the topic of cliches… “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” A tip on avoiding sartorial shade? Mediate for 10 before heading to those double-doors of yours.

If all else fails, that’s why we’re here. Here’s how to wear summer’s most mature trends (because if you even knew what the summer solstice was, chances are you’re too hipster for that paisley print).

blush tones

Blush Tones: Basically a non-basic way of still looking feminine, sans pink peonies spamming our Insta feeds. Okay in all seriousness, neutrals, and baby pinks and blues are perfect for summer special occasions, your workplace that doesn’t have AC, or just a lazy day brunch. The best part is they can just as easily look tough when paired with darker shades as they can flirty, as exhibited above with the boxer braids hairstyle of summer and a pair of ripped denim. Case closed. 

back detailing

Image Courtesy: Brandi Lynne

Look Back At It: The new summer mantra is “All About That Back”, despite anything Meghan Trainor tries to serenade you. Lattice strapping, rope belts, and tied bows are all delicate additions to summer staples.

two-piece non floral summer style

Matchy-Matchy: Two-piece sets are no longer the fault of your mother—admit it, we all have that birthday party horror story with photographic evidence to haunt. That’s right, thanks to the resurgence of ‘90s vintage and everyone’s favourite cult brand right now, The Reformation, you can actually sport that picnic blanket-inspired crop with matching maxi. More of a black-on-black girl even in the summer heat? Toronto’s very own Untitled & Co makes a killer waistband set that could easily be Kylie Jenner approved.

Random Acts of Pastel wearing Convey Off the Shoulder top

Image Courtesy: Random Acts of Pastel

Off The Shoulder: Two things to remember: opulent and oversized. The satin finish on this Georgia Alice number on our girl, Random Acts of Pastel, adds a hint of luxury—fit for an afternoon of ceviche and champagne, no less. Quite contrary, the casual, oversized fit is enough to push elevated cottage wear when paired with denim cutoffs. But perhaps the most important thing to note: sweaty pits are virtually non-existent. All hail.

Influencer Jenn McNaughton identifies and interprets fashion trends and inspirations of the moment, with a nod to where they’re coming from and how to make them your own.