This month’s edit is short, sweet, and most importantly, simple. I’ve been working really hard to simplify my life lately: go out less, drink more water and cold-pressed juice, be outdoors as much as possible, and consume LESS whenever I can. This means I’ve been cooking at home, mending old clothing, and being extra selective about what I let into my life.

July’s list is about my current essentials, the things that make me smile every single day!

Dose Juice // I first spotted these sleek, colourful juices on the shelf at Whole Foods and it quickly became tradition to grab one every time I trekked up there to grocery shop. With healthy living on my mind, I’ve decided to try one of their cleanse programs this month with Josh (you know what they say about the couple that cleanses together…) Stay tuned for updates!

Folk Fortune // I like my life to feel like a tropical vacation at all times, and my little wicker slipper & sun hat set from Folk Fortune really help with the wishful thinking! Handmade in Vancouver, I’m already eyeing a woven basket to match too!…





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