After a week of bouncing back and forth, and pretty much taking a break from both platforms, I want to ask you….. Snapchat or Instagram stories?

I was late to the snapchat trend, although it was released in 2011, I only hopped on board last summer. That being said, I love that it’s the OG and the fact that I can take pictures and videos, add text to them, the odd filter, and send them to both my personal friends, or share them straight to my story for everyone to see. I kinda hate that once I open a snap, I only have 10 seconds to view it before it’s gone for good. Sometimes I’m half asleep or in the middle of multi-tasking and I miss the entire snap. I also have a hard time finding new people, which is probably why I’ve been following the same people for over a year. Adding friends off other social media platforms is a pain, one wrong letter in their screen name and you won’t be able to find them…

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