I swear, sometimes being a guest of a wedding, birthday party, summer soirée–you name it–can be more stressful than that placed on the actual honouree. As the important invitee, society has pre-disposed what you will wear to some degree. Whether or not that’s a good thing is a whole other story so for now, we’ll pretend like this is a perfect world and you’re sipping margaritas under a striped sun-brella with the ease of knowing your white gown is already hanging in the master wardrobe. As for those 175 guests you’re welcoming… they’re probably buying their dress the morning prior to hitting the road.

That’s where I come in. I’ve put together two separate looks for two separate gals with varying “occasion levels”, shall we say. First, there’s the type-A kale-connoisseur who orders the vegan menu option. Oh, she’s also an hour late because she stayed late at the office…on a Saturday.

~Coming Friday, the Carrie Bradshaw-in-real-life, with a lot of flare and a hint of sass. Stay tuned.~

Clothing: COS + Shoes: Oak + Fort


This is an excerpt from the article Summer Occasion Dressing I which originally appeared on http://ethcsofstyl.com/.