I usually do a fun and detailed back to school post, but honestly I just didn’t shop like that this year. Since both my kids didn’t grow out of everything they owned (like they usually do) and the majority of their supplies are still in good order I just had to freshen things up/buy the things they outgrew. So instead of a really detailed post on outfit ideas and such, here are our favorite things that we have bought for back to school.
(but if you want a fun detailed outfit post, have a look at the past years — and see how much my kids have grown…cue my mom tears!!)

#livingthedream mini mioche tee #LIVINGTHEDREAM – Okay I’m biased, because this ones mine — the boy and the tee. This tee is the very first item that is part of our Not So Basics line at mini mioche. You know how I have collaborated with mini mioche in the past? 3 whole collections we have designed together to be exact, well since they do so well (you guys like them so much) and we are just such a great fit — mini mioche decided to make it more of a standard line! So from now and forevermore (okay not really, but it sounded better than saying; till an undecided time), little clothing designed by me and mini mioche will forever be known as NOT SO BASICS and available only at mini mioche.

charmit bracelet WEE CHARM BRACELET – I remember growing up, my mom had an old charm bracelet she has gotten and collected charms for when she was young, I always loved that thing, I thought it was so neat that she had a charm for all these important milestones in her life. I ended up just “inheriting” that instead of getting my own, but lucky little Harlow has one of her very own — and its way cuter than mine (my mom’s) ever was. Maybe not for back to school, but for after school.

soyoung lunch bag IS IT LUNCH YET? – Probably the nicest looking lunch bag around, plus it’s the easiest to clean and fits pretty much any container. The soyoung lunch bag, or cooler bag is also my favorite too. Yes I carry my own lunch when I’m not working from my kitchen table — and this is way cuter than my old brown paper bag.

jogger pants PERFECT SCHOOL PANT – we are a denim loving family, even the kids wear jeans 90% of the time. But as school, they both often like to wear “comfy pants” – which makes sense because they need to be comfy and ready for any activity. This year we found the PERFECT pants for King (so perfect I bought them in every color), it’s the jogger pant. Fits like a sweat pant, but in a khaki dress pant woven fabric — best of all worlds. King loves them most of all because they are mini versions of Daddy’s pants, always a good selling point. I actually got a couple of pairs from Old Navy too, because he just loves them so much.

stuck on you bottles PERSONAL BOTTLES – Rarely does anyone I know ever find their kids name in the personalized section of stores. So instead of even wasting our time looking (cause it’s for sure not going to happen for us), we just go to Stuck On You and place an order for personalized stuff. I’m excited for the kids to have these bottles for the school year, no more having to rewrite, or reapply labels that fall off 10 times during the year. And no more having to search that lost and found and not know which bottom is my kids or someone elses, because as much as I try to buy something that’s “different” there is always another kid who has it (and also loses it). They also have really great personalized everything, even labels if you’d rather that.

mini mioche jeans MOST COMFY SKINNY JEANS – Not even saying that because I’m totally biased, but these mini mioche jeans are the best. They are super stretchy so fit like comfy pants, have an elastic waistband (that doesn’t look like an elastic waistband, might I add) and they still just look like a really adorable pair of skinny jeans. They pair well with the jogger pants in those little closets, that is if you like having every pant in their closet be comfy, fit well and look good.

Any new back to school items you purchased that you/they just love? Share!

This is an excerpt from the article Favorite Things / 12 : BTS Edition which originally appeared on http://heartandhabit.com/.