I’ve never been much of a movie person but a couple of years ago I decided to change that. I went back and watched must-sees I’d missed, and there were so many that I’m still playing catch up! With the Oscars fast approaching, I thought I’d do myself a favour and watch some of the big nominated movies while they’re still current.

One movie that’s received significant buzz (due to the lengths the production team and actors went to to shoot it) is the wilderness survival film, The Revenant. Leading actor Leonardo Dicaprio apparently had to dive into ice-cold water, crawl inside a dead horse, and eat raw Bison liver! With all this buzz, not to mention the fact that the film has been nominated in 11 different Oscar categories including Best Picture, Actor in a Leading Role, Cinematography, and Directing, I decided that The Revenant was a good place to start….

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