Watch this space every Friday for five items that got us talking this week. On our radar right now:

1. Vogue-Ready Everyday’ers

12For fashion correspondent Jenn McNaughton, every street is a runway – especially during World MasterCard Fashion Week. In The Best of Street Style, Jenn turns her lens away from the catwalk to capture editors, bloggers, stylists and random wanderers delivering sartorial moments all their own. (What did Jenn herself wear? Take a look.)

2. The Halo Effect

2The Co. was quick out of the gate with Jon Scarr’s review of Halo 5 Guardian. One of the most anticipated games of 2015, Guardian is fuelled by a multi-billion dollar franchise that includes toys, books, clothes and an in-the-works TV series by Steven Spielberg. Can the latest addition to the Halo universe possibly live up to the hype?

3. Salad Days

IMG_0031Before forsaking your salad bowl for a soup tureen, check out these warm and wonderful winter salads that swap cold lettuce for sauteed leafy greens, colourful roasted root vegetables and hearty grains.

4. Wheeling and Dealing

IMG_2385The Co’s auto expert Keri Potipcoe knows a good deal when she sees one. This week, she explains why November is the best time of year to buy a new car and reveals her best negotiating techniques. Plus: the unexpected and irresistible one-liner that will help you seal any deal.

5. Last Minute Costume Ideas

1413391007_ahs_081514_0968_twisty-zoomAs usual and despite best intentions, Canadian actress Sarah Power has left her Halloween costume to the last minute. But The Co’s favourite procrastinator is not losing beauty sleep. Sarah has watched – and appeared in – enough horror movies to know how to pull an inspired, last-minute costume out of her hat. Make that: her evil clown hat.

And that’s a wrap. Happy Halloween weekend from The Co.

Katherine Gougeon is editorial director of The Co.