With some inspiration from the best holiday movie ever, Love Actually, I’ve thrown in a few pieces deemed suitable for just about every male character cast; you’ve got the broody artist boy, Mark, the sensible writer, Jamie, and the child-like professional, Prime Minister. Essentially all this may prove is that I’d be a better casting director-cum-part-time wardrobe stylist than personal shopper for your boy but nevertheless, I stand behind my picks. Without saying, I’ve thrown in the obvious knit turtleneck because what–or whom, rather–is sexier than Liam Neeson or chicer than Alan Rickman? Case closed.

  1. Thom Browne Aviator Sunnies// Sunglasses are one of those items you can never have too many of. Both Thom Browne and Gucci have revamped the traditional aviator shape and gone for a square-framed sunny. Entirely personal preference (but a good one), I find this style much more flattering and easy-to-wear on most face shapes without overpowering the cheekbones.
  2. Byredo ‘Mister Marvelous’ Cologne// With notes of black amber, bamboo, green lavender and neroli, it’s subtle enough for the office but certainly, still signifying. Byredo founder, Ben Gorham, wanted to create a cologne that embodied someone multi-faceted; exquisite and a little “off kilter”, he says, “because they become that much more interesting.” Spritz to that.
  3. Rick Owens Panelled Shearling Jacket// An investment piece, to say the least, but men love a well-tailored jacket that acts as a standalone statement. Instead of gravitating towards the traditional peacoat or trench, give him something completely unexpected. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my brother: boys don’t like looking the same either. The shearling trimmed collar and ribbed wool cuffs grant it noteworthy.
  4. John Varvatos Ribbed Turtleneck// More men need to wear turtlenecks, seriously. They’re a flattering fit and look especially dapper without sacrificing comfort. Bonus: this tightly-knit version with the perfect structured neck from John Varvatos is decently on sale right now. Invest in a piece for a little bit more than your average Topman number and it’ll last him far longer.
  5. Common Projects// Sneakers that will actually hold up, for once. The brand prides itself on form, function and materials, designing a shoe to fit one’s on-the-go lifestyle. Their construction is incredibly beautiful; it’s basically a well-tailored white blouse in shoe form…the item that you just need one perfect one of.
  6. Saturday’s Surf Cardholder// Saturday’s Surf is the exclusive home to cafe-surf shop-clothing line amalgamation in NYC (which I’ve previously paid tribute to in my New York Guide). Small leather goods are always a foolproof present and with this lil’ guy, the effort is in the environmental ambiance (err half-way, at least, if you can’t actually make it into shop).
  7. R+Co ‘Conformist’ Hair Paste// R+Co (Rogue and Company) offers the best in hair for both males and females, selectively created by a team of top stylists with an extensive celeb clientele. Their hair paste is perfect for polishing those man buns (they’re still in, right?) or sleek strands without that cement-drying effect. A little treat in place of Dove Men’s is always welcome.
  8. Fantastic Man Book// Fantastic Man founders, Gert Jonkers and Jop van Bennekom, recently released a book version of their bi-annual magazine, featuring an exclusive look into 69 lives of the most influential men; an inspiration both in style and life.
  9. Saturday’s Surf ‘Grass’ Print// Any kind of artwork, be it a photograph, ling drawing, etc., is perhaps my favourite–both to gift and to receive. There’s nothing quite like the act of curating, ensuring it will fit their space, personality, and aesthetic. This monochrome print from again, the same all-purpose shop as above, would look great framed on a shelf or leaning against a wall for an unpretentious and minimal approach to design.

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