Ah…. summer!

It’s nearly here, friends!

And we have definitely been feeling it in our neck o’the woods.

We have had such beautiful and warm sunny weather that the boys have even been swimming in the lake a few times.

And who doesn’t love to spend all kinds of time outside during the summer?

One of my favourite things to do in the spring, summer, and early fall is to cook delicious meals with lovely fresh ingredients.  And having fresh herbs on hand, right out on your deck, can certainly make creating a delicious meal an easier prospect.

So today I’m sharing an easy DIY Kitchen Herb Garden in Deck Pots that I planted so that we can quickly grab a pinch of this or that for all those summer salads and barbecue recipes during the wonderful, warm months ahead.

For this kitchen herb garden I used some deck pots that we have owned for several years now.  I want to say that they are nearly 15 years old – it’s our anniversary this month and I remember us buying these not long after we got buried. I mean married.

I also used my little garden spade, some Miracle Gro Shake’n’Feed, and a variety of herbs I picked up at my local garden nursery.  I didn’t have to buy any new potting soil as the soil I had from last season was still good, but I like to add the Miracle Gro because the nutrients in the soil from last season are probably quite depleted after a growing season.

Plant your very own kitchen herb garden in pots so you can have fresh herbs at your fingertips all summer long-1


This is an excerpt from the article Easy DIY Kitchen Herb Garden in Deck Pots which originally appeared on http://thehappyhousie.com/.