7 years together, 4 of them living together, 2 of them engaged: In many ways, tying the knot doesn’t feel like a change at all, but nothing could have prepared us for what the big day felt like.

It’s true what they say—the day goes by so fast, you just have to stop and savour every moment before it passes you by. I didn’t expect to be so giddy being in the same place with so many friends and family members whom we love and who love us in return. There were moments when I thought I’d lose it and start crying, but that sense of euphoria and the desire to enjoy the day helped me keep my emotions from coming out my eyeballs.

Now we’re just settling back into normal life after the wedding and a mini-moon in Naramata and patiently awaiting the photos from our photographer. Until then, the smartphone snaps from guests (including this one my maid of honour took of us!) will have to tide us over…

This is an excerpt from the article Just Married which originally appeared on http://sololisa.com.