It’s a family affair for Toronto-based label, The SLM; founders Erika, 19, and Alana, 24, launched their passion project in late 2014, alongside their mother and partner, Ellen. While they’re both still in school–Erika is at Queen’s whilst Alana is completing her masters at Guelph–they manage a full-time course load, side projects in their offbeat fields, and managing a company from the ground up. Casual.

I particularly liked their brand almost entirely based on their incredibly intelligent plan of creating one product and one product only, and outputting that lone merch extremely well. Many start-ups tend to do too much all at once and they become overwhelmed within the vast spectrum created for themselves and oversaturated within the marketplace at large. The SLM ladies sought out to fill a particular niche; a gap within the current market they desired to fill. Personally, I fit right in with their ideal consumer having a frame with smaller legs and a longer torso, making trouser try-ons an excruciating task. The SLM moto pant with a cuffed bottom hem, made them fall at the perfect length for a year-round bootie devotee like myself, or for showing a tad bit of skin with loafers once spring hits. If you’re taller in the leg department (potentially having had a busy week with the VS fashion show and all those Venus commercials you do), they also offer a beautifully streamlined pair with a button-snap closure for that lengthened fit.

The brand morals and vision align completely with mine, exhibiting how both confidence and realism can go hand-in-hand. “Confident in her own skin, realistic about clothing, comfort and the definition of true beauty, and relatable because she represents all women,” says Alana. 

I paired their knit trouser with this new find from Banana Republic–whom by the way, has phenomenal outerwear pieces this season. I swear I hadn’t been into a BR in years but their contemporary brand re-vamping is left me enamoured.

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Images: Matteo D’Agostino

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