Although one could argue my entire wardrobe is comprised of redefined basics, they’re ironically the style I loathe buying the most; always overpriced with a compromised fit, yet there’s no denying they’re necessity within one’s everyday. A month ago, I was introduced to TMR Collection after they reached out; a single email enough to alter any predisposed hesitation. Their line is entirely centred around practicality for the modern woman–sleek essentials that allude to chicness while instilling comfort and coziness.

I selected the mesh panelled ‘Davenport’ blazer and couldn’t have been more pleased with my choice. A polished blend of triacetate and polyester construct its streamlined fit, leaving it wrinkle-free and easily washable. Invisible seams leave it’s manufacturing a mystery, constituting the line’s luxurious, minimalist appeal. “Maximum style with minimum effort,” says founder Tara Rivas, taking cues from her Scandinavian roots.

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– Images: Sam Yohannes


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