Although there’s possibly nothing “homier” than the sight of a seven foot tree, adorned in odd bits and bobs collected over the years (re: those baby pictures you probably wish would disintegrate whilst stored in a dark basement for 11/12 months), it’s much harder finding suitable holiday-themed pieces for my own small space. Nothing can be too bulky or flashy: 1) because one thing out of place looks “cluttered” and 2) aesthetic. That’s why when I saw my mom buy two taller versions of this little white twig birch tree, I had to opt for the more petite. Fitting seamlessly atop my desk, this lil’ guy from Restoration Hardware operates on timed intervals of six hours, turning on as I get home from work.

The Chanel snow-globe was acquired from a beauty sale at a previous internship (you can find these guys still on eBay but for a hefty price). I actually usually leave this guy out year-round but hadn’t since moving into the new space. His debut is warmly welcomed.

And finally, rather than the too common strand of string lights, I opted for this lone bulb which was a gift to me last Christmas and fits this little nook perfectly.


My ideal Christmas tree is exactly how I like my shoes: sharp, sleek and pointy. CB2 certainly delivered in the Christmas department this year, offering an array of minimally-designed deco pieces to elevate mantles, table tops and tree trimmings. I picked up these two glass trees in silver and in copper to add that festive hint of metallic without resorting to glittery tinsel…I know you feel. And be careful with these fragile guys; I learned the hard way. Side note: Kit & Ace launched their holiday campaign deemed #thistimeisprecious, where you can write down your holiday moments on these little cards found in shop! With family reunions, ugly Christmas sweater parties and well, work, the holidays can be overwhelming and draining – especially for us introverts. I’m claiming a little “me” time to get my through.



Albeit, I’m not the largest fan of holiday themed drinks; I’m pretty grossed out over the whole egg nog situation and am (admittedly) not a fan of mulled wine. But give me a Starbucks Praline Latte made with coconut milk or some hot cider and I’m a happy girl. I’m also the queen of homemade hot chocolate, proudly inheriting that stovetop skill from my dad. For this cup, I used carrageenan-free almond milk (PSA: do your research – it’s actually a harmful additive overlooked), fair-trade Camino cocoa powder, natural maple syrup and tiny vegan marshmellows from my latest obsession, The V Word Market – Toronto-based vegan food market that delivers next day to the downtown core. Warm on milk on medium heat, stirring in powder gradually and then adding sweetness up to desired amount. Complimented with some homemade marble ornaments seen in my previous post (click here to see how), it makes for a cozy table top arrangement for holiday drinks with friends – be they minty or mulled.


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