Festival season is here, and you know what that means? It’s time for flower crowns to shine! A fresh bouquet of flowers on your kitchen table can bring life to an entire household, but there’s something extra special about donning fresh seasonal florals on your head. The sweet scent that drifts around your head as the summer day drifts lazily into a starry summer night- there’s just nothing quite like it.

When it comes to flower crowns fresh or faux, there’s no one quite as wonderfully talented as Shelley, aka Lady Hayes. Momma of the cutest little Toronto family you ever did see, Lady Hayes has become a go-to for weddings and festival fashion alike, and Paige & I never grow tired of swooning over her flawless work.

When dreaming up the concept for the #pastelcraftclub series Shelley immediately came to mind, but considering she had just given birth to her second adorable baby girl we assumed she’d need a lot of time before she’d be ready to participate. As luck would have it, we assumed wrong.

Shelley invited us into her beautiful space and showed us step-by-step how to work ordinary fresh blooms into a floral crown fit for a queen, all with two babies running around and cups of imaginary tea in her hand. It was a little bit like living within a Disney movie, and we were half expecting little birds to swoop down and tie the ribbons when the crown was all done!

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