Happy hump day Glitter Babes!

This week’s Halloween makeup tutorial I give you is my Pop Art Zombie! I did a zombie look last year, but wanted to try a different take on it this year and having some creative fun with it!

This is the most complex look I’ve done so there are a lot of steps involved in putting this together, but if you have the patience and resources, you will really enjoy this look when it’s all said and done! Like my previous Halloween makeup tutorial, I wanted to be more creative with the products I was using for it. For instance, instead of the usual fake blood I could’ve put on my face, I used a red lip gloss and it came out perfectly. I added dimension to the look by adding pearly white eyeliner to the “teeth” I created and even added some blue lipgloss (rather than just a blue cream colour) for the eye ball colour. That helped mimic the glossy look of a regular eye and made the eye ball pop, literally! ? I got a little lazy with body painting so you’re seeing some fantastic photo shop skills from yours truly in these pics! ?

How to create your own Pop Art Zombie Halloween Makeup Look.

  1. Start by applying a green cream colour all over your face, avoiding the upper half of your forehead, around the mouth, and around your eyes. Keep a patch on your cheek bare as well for an “open wound”
  2. Add a pink cream colour to the upper half of your forehead.
  3. Using a black cream colour, add details to the brains and lines around the face (I also used some teal face paint for extra detailing) and the open wound. Then draw some torn flesh just below your exposed brain.
  4. With the black cream, draw out a missing nose.
  5. Add deep lines below your eyes, creating sagging, dead skin.
  6. Then add the outline for your dangling eye ball and tendon to either eye you want. Add some white cream colour to the “whites” of the eye, some blue lipgloss (or whatever eye coloured gloss you’ve got) and add some red cream colour for the veins.
  7. Create an arch around your mouth and alongside your chin and then etch out some exposed teeth.
  8. Create the look of an open wound with some white and yellow cream colours. (I added a maggot to the wound but unfortunately I didn’t get a clear enough shot of it for you guys :( )
  9. Add the look of “flesh” around your exposed teeth with the pink cream colour.
  10. Add more detail to the look by applying pearly white eyeliner to your teeth and the white of your dangling eye ball, some red gloss to the torn flesh, sagging skin under your eyes and below the exposed teeth.
  11. Add a carbon black eyeshadow to your lids from lash line to brow.
  12. Apply some green mascara to your brows and lashes.

Products Used:


  • Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream Colors: 22 Emerald Green, 7 Fuchsia, 8 Red, 27 Matte Black, 4 Snow
  • Wet n Wild ‘Snow Queen’ Fantasy Makers Palette (used teal for face detailing)
  • Forever 21 ‘Red’ High Shine Lipgloss
  • Hard Candy ‘Skyfall’ Fierce Effects Gloss*


  • Hard Candy ‘Lush’ 1000 Lashes Mascara*


  • Clarins Carbon Ombre Matte Eyeshadow*
  • Hard Candy ‘Lush’ 1000 Lashes Mascara*


  • Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream Colors: 27 Matte Black, 4 Snow
  • Hard Candy ‘White Knight’ Walk the Line Eye Liner*



Disclosure: Products marked with ‘*’ were provided for review/makeup looks.

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