quiet-times2 What’s with the crickets lately, am I right? Yes, I’ve addressed how things have been a bit more quiet around these parts a few times, but I feel like I should do it one more time — for good times sake. But mostly because I feel like my reason of; being overwhelmed with summer (kids, kids, kids) no longer holds any water. See the thing is this is not an apology, just me sharing where my brain is because it’s sorta stuck here. And this is not an apology, because it’s always lame to hear people apologize for their lack of blogging, when that happens everyone is always thinking “okay, just get to the blogging already” — and because I’m working on my excessive amount of apologizes (it’s the Canadian in me).

Since we are past that awkward introduction. Summertime is always a little blog slow for me (kids being home from school and they just take priority over all other things) and that all works out pretty decently since the internet is a little more slow over the summer as well. But blah blah blah, we already went over that and newsflash it’s not really summer anymore. Though it still sorta feels like summer with this weather (at least in Toronto) and I don’t want to talk even talk about falling leaves and pumpkin things juuust yet.

So why the semi-silence lately? Well, see I posted a survey in July (if you haven’t taken it, you can now — I’d LOVE your input too) all your answers really made me think (there was just so many really great and really thoughtful entries). Actually I was already thinking and rethinking prior to posting the survey (pretty much why I created the survey) well, your answers and the quietness of summertime, it all got me on the train of thought that maybe I have been extending myself too far on the blog.
Like, I have a ton of interests and can sometimes be a Jane of many trades but I don’t think I need to include all of them (or just so many of them) on this blog. They are a part of me and I am truly passionate about a lot of things, but it can leave a bit of a lifestyle mess for you readers — not knowing what topic will be covered when you pop in. I know it’s often hard to follow a lifestyle blog for that reason, you might identify with a couple of topics but not all of them. Yes, there are some of you who dig everything I write about and you come to this space for me and I love you for that (I really do) but I’m also sure those people are my mom, sister and best friends back home (hi mom!).

quiet-times [this was summer, me and the kids — King hiding in the background. Me wearing these sweatpants that don’t look like sweatpants]

So what does all this mean? I’ve been stuck on the feeling that I need to re-focus, share just the things I’m best at, the things that (the majority) of you guys come here for and that the majority of people in real life come to me for. Then its quality over quantity from there, or that’s the big plan at least. That’s where I’m currently at/stuck, with a hump like this the answer usually hits me in the face like a sock full of rocks when it finally shows up. But a few quiet moments often help to make it truly stand out. And to be totally and completely honest, running a blog is a sh*t ton of work. And I always want what I write here to feel right, because when it doesn’t it turns into “work” and that’s not what this should be. Does that make sense?

Until I figure this creative hurdle out (because this is just another one of those) I’ll post when something feels super right — this is not a sign off or a note to tell you I’m going quiet (future quiet). I just really want to focus on giving you quality, not fluff (except for playlists, that sorta fluff has been requested more times than my kids asking for candy). This is me just telling all you, where my brain is at — before you wonder or get tired of wondering.

But in the mean time, come on over and take my survey — give a girl a hand, you know these things are a barrel of fun anyways.
Also I promise, this is the last time I talk about silence and quiet (at least for this season), like fight club let’s add that one to the heart and habit blog rules.

This is an excerpt from the article Quiet Times which originally appeared on http://heartandhabit.com/.