Liu Wen and Korean singer/actor, Siwon Choi star in the H&M Chinese New Year 2016 campaign.  H& M celebrates the Year of The Monkey with a 30 piece collection in a red and black colour palette for women, mens and kids ; which will be sold in (China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines).  The collection was inspired by Chinese lanterns and coinage , view the campaign images below .

“Lunar New Year is a rare time of the year where we have the opportunity to dress up and catch up with our loved ones. The menswear collection is a fun and modern interpretation suitable for the joyous occasion, and they can be mixed and matched with existing items in the wardrobe all year round,” – Siwon Choi.

“Shooting the campaign together with Siwon in H&M’s Chinese New Year collection was such an enjoyable experience! I love how the collection goes beyond the typical festive wardrobe by adding in a combination of modern silhouettes, ethnic details and a variety of lively prints,” – Liu Wen.

siwon-choi-liu-wen-hm-chinese-new-year-2016-campaign siwon-choi-liu-wen-hm-chinese-new-year-2016-campaign siwon-choi-liu-wen-hm-chinese-new-year-2016-campaign siwon-choi-liu-wen-hm-chinese-new-year-2016-campaignImage H&M

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