I start this morning’s post with this statement: today was 11 degrees. ELEVEN. Racing to my first and last exam of the semester, brisk while I walked; boiling once inside. This faux shearling motto jacket, given to me as a gift last Christmas, has been my go-to topper for the holiday season. Last year around this time, my blog photos closely resembled that of a Rudolph Christmas card, forgoing my warm bed all in the name of fashion. It’s unfortunate I haven’t been able to take more advantage of this split-personality weather situ, being bed ridden once again–only this time in the name of finals. This slit tunic has also been worn under lighter outerwear pieces or atop a thin turtleneck more days than not. Thnx Van for allowing me to be your guinea pig for your end of semester fashion photography project and allowing me to give you all a little update of where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to after the last few posts have been far less than any personal account (aka “Here’s my face,” and “I’m alive, I promise”). ???

Now bye for a little while I go catch some zzz. I’ll be back with some holiday-related content v v soon. If you’re all enduring the end of semester blues comme moi, I salute you babes.


Images: Vanessa Nigro

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This is an excerpt from the article Slit/Personality which originally appeared on http://ethcsofstyl.com/.