Your home office should be just that: An office. It should be a place that inspires you to be productive and on-the-ball, and where you feel comfortable, but not too comfortable. What a home office shouldn’t be is a distraction, but it can very easily become one.

One of the most common offenders, as far as home office distractions go, is noise. It’s hard to block out the din of the rest of your family going about their day as you attempt to go about yours. The good news is that it’s not impossible to make your office space as silent as you want it. Some fixes require a bit of muscle, while others require only a simple switch or accoutrement. No matter which of the following five methods you implement, you’re sure to hear a whole lot of nothing on your next workday.

Turn It Down

Whether it’s the clash of cartoons on the TV or the whirring of an old washing machine, the noises in your home can sometimes be controlled by the click of a button — or the upgrade of an appliance. The latter might be hard to swing, especially if you’ve got a few appliances in need of a swap. However, the results could shock you, since newer appliances are designed to be as silent as possible.

In the interim, you could also have your appliances repaired in order to downplay any clanking, buzzing, squeaking, etc., so that you can work without hearing these avoidable distractions….

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