Men are becoming bolder in their approach to style and changing up the fashion world! A whole new wave of Bold designs, patterns and colors are taking over the wardrobes of the modern man. Style isn’t suppose to be generic or limited for men, and 2016 I think men have more fashion freedom! Check out some style ideas for men.

Statement Coat

Ever feel drab and lack lustre? Every man needs a coat that stands out alone and creates a statement. The great thing about having a statement coat is that it will boost your confidence and people will definitely notice and remember you. When you feel daring and want the world to know you are, opt for this.

TIP: Remember there’s always a time and place for attention and you don’t want to stand out like a sore thumb. Make sure you choose something that flatters you opposed to just choosing something that’s out of the ordinary ( I know you people out there!)

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The New Neutral.

The New neutrals are everywhere! And Best of all Universally flattering. It’s basically a lighter shade of neutral tones. I love wearing these kind of tones, because it’s instantly makes you look well put together and polished. It compliments every skin tone and makes you look quite elegant.

TIP: Make sure you carry a Tide-To-Go for obvious reasons 😛

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We all hate cold weather, well most of us do! Honestly let’s be real, sometimes Winter coats can be really frumpy and unattractive. Walking around the city like the Michelin Man is really uncomfortable. If you want to stay warm and still look your best, layering is your best option! It’s amazing because you can mix and match for every occasion. Layering goes something a long the lines of – A top coat, then a blazer of some sort, a sweater jacket and your shirt of choice.

TIP: Have fun with it!

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Luckily, the Fashion Industry is taking a notice to men’s fashion. For the longest time men’s wear has always been pretty generic and boring – let’s be real. There are so no many options to choose from and go ahead and test your fashion boundaries!

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