If you’re someone who absolutely positively cannot stand feet, I’m with you; I can’t even bare the thought of touching or seeing my own for that matter. As such, summer becomes the bane of my existence as I can’t break out my black booties without looking like Miley Cyrus circa 2012.

Where to start? Gone are the days of cork wedges (which still haunt you in images from your prom) and you can’t bare to reignite last year’s jelly sandal obsession. I’ve narrowed down 4 “sandal”-esque styles that land the summer seal of approval—aka your feet have resisted swelling to a size 9 and remained a solid 7.5.

illustration by jenn mcnaughton women's slingback sandals

Slingback: The classic shape certainly gives a sophisticated nod to the ‘60s. First donned on the Coco Chanel herself, contemporary labels like Maison Margiela and Proenza Schouler have updated it for a more modern time. Chanel even re-released the iconic sole for their 2015/16 ready-to-wear collection. The little block heel accompanied by a dainty-back strap certainly elongates the foot and entire leg.


Slide: Jenni Kayne mastered them years before Gucci—remember that before you deem them overrated. They’re like wearing slippers outdoors that somehow enlist the poise of a Moroccan princess; Mary-Kate Olsen will also do. My only suggestion: baby powder beforehand to avoid any slippin’ n’ slidin’ around in the front. Lesson well-learned.


Peep-Toe Mule: Okay, so there’s a few toes showing but I promise you won’t feel as if everyone is staring at your mushed feet with the majority of the arch covered. Just ensure those toes have seen a nail salon in the last three weeks…max.

boot sandals

Boot-Style: Nothing could possibly make the heavens sound more. Albeit, they can look more chunky than chic; opt for a lighter hue of off-white or stone grey to avoid dispute. The tick of the trade is cut out > strappy. Gladiator is back but save that for your lace-up flats.

illustration by jenn mcnaughton summer shoes sandals