Dishwasher tabs.

You head to the grocery store with dishwasher tabs on your list and are faced with a wall full of options.

Do you pick the cheapest ones?  The ones in the prettiest box?

Will they actually get your dishes clean? Will you need to wash your dishes before your dishwasher washes your dishes?

How can such a small item create so much confusion?!?

I used to just close my eyes and grab which ever package came into my hand first… or tell one of my boys to pick whichever type appealed to them.  But now that I have tried the new wrapper free Finish® Powerball® Max-In-1,  I seriously think I am sold for life.

Why I love Finish Jet Dry Powerballs-10

These little power-packs morsels have all the benefits of the Finish® All In 1 Powerball® such as it’s powerful cleaning power, ability to cut through grease, stains, and dried-on food, and there is no need to pre-rinse.  

{Because who wants to wash their dishes before their dishwasher washes their dishes?? Not I!}

We recently hosted a big BBQ party for over 30 people and were left, as you can imagine, with a ton of sticky, greasy, dirty dishes.

Why I love Finish Jet Dry Powerballs-1

Why I love Finish Jet Dry Powerballs-5

I figured it was the perfect opportunity to give the new Finish® Powerball® Max-In-1 a try.  I had picked up mine while shopping at Walmart for the last minute party supplies and food…

Finish Powerballs at Walmart

Finish Powerballs in Walmart cart

I was pretty fascinated with the look – they have a thin little dissolving wrapper

Why I love Finish Jet Dry Powerballs-4

I figured I would give them the ultimate test and try a 30 minute QUICK WASH cycle without pre-rinsing any of these greasy dishes…

Why I love Finish Jet Dry Powerballs-3

Why I love Finish Jet Dry Powerballs-6



After only 30 minutes with no pre-rinsing… stuck-on food that had been left to sit overnight with no rinsing came off like a dream.

Why I love Finish Jet Dry Powerballs-8

Why I love Finish Jet Dry Powerballs-9

And no spots on my glassware!

Why I love Finish Jet Dry Powerballs-7

But don’t just take my word for it.

You can try it out for yourself!  Pick up your Finish® Powerball® at your local Walmart.

And visit Ibotta to get in on some fabulous rebates like this one for $1.00 off Finish® Max-in-One 23ct and higher (automatic dish detergent) which would make the Finish® Max-in-One 23ct only $3.97 after the coupon (regular price $4.97).  There is also a coupon for $1.00 off Finish® Jet Dry® 8.45oz (rinse aid) which would make it only $1.96 after the coupon (regular price is $2.96).  There is even a bonus offer: if you buy any Finish® Detergent (23ct and larger) AND Finish® Jet Dry®, you’ll get an additional $1.00 off, meaning you can earn up to $3.00 in rebates on Ibotta from Finish®!  (All prices are shown in US dollars from Walmart USA).  

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