One thing I love about living in California, is how laid-back the style is here. I feel like I could rock wearing sneakers to any sort of event I attend. On a regular basis you’ll probably see me wearing my black, or white faux vans on an everyday basis. Either that or I’m wearing fake keds. Notice a trend here? I don’t tend to buy the real deal because I’m cheap. I shouldn’t be! Considering it’s my feet and I’m usually complaining about them hurting if I’m headed to the City for a day.

Here are 5 of my current favourites for for all budgets – enjoy!

For the most part I wear sneakers 90% of the time, whether they’re slip on or street-style. Here are some of my favourite sneakers for summer.

Brooks Women’s Chariot Heritage
$99. 80s babies rejoice! The 80s sneakers are making a huge comeback and I’m all about hopping on that train. I LOVE these Brooks Women’s Chariot Heritage $99. They come in a huge array of colour combos to choose from (and not just suede, either). Who digs them as much as me?

downloadConverse Shoreline sneaker $55-75. Woah, did you know you could customize your own chucks? I’ve been eyeing the lowtop shoreline white converse shoe for months. But it was only when I visited their site that I realized you could customize the colour, print, and even stripe on the shoe! These are such a classic. I remember having a pair of Converse high tops as a kid.


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