True blue, otherwise definitive of a loyal pursuit, served as the basis for this edition of currently coveting. Although navy has not previously presented itself within my wardrobe, I seem to gravitate towards it as of late (ever since this steal on H&M’s Studio line seen here). Maintaining a streamlined silhouette where my definition of fidelity holds true, enables the subdued shade to give dimension for dressing the transition.

I’ve been eyeing this wool Acne wrap coat since they dropped their Pre-Fall collection online. Naturally, I find whites paired with the dark blue hue presents enough contrast to diminish any ‘fluffy’, ‘marshmellow’ vibes that can occur as a result of white holding the spotlight; i.e. most often, lighter colours are paired as the under layer by default. With a navy or black high neck underneath and correlating trouser, your whites will see you throughout winter (without camouflage)–yes, even after labor day.

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