every day fall uniform every day fall boots fall style TOP: aritzia – JEANS: paradise mine – BOOTS: ted & muffy

The funny thing about these pictures is I found them on the camera after the kids and I took photos for my Not So Basics collection (PS. thank you, thank you all for your notes, likes, shares and support. You don’t know how much it truly means, I appreciate it all so much more than I can type).
If you are wondering why a couple of them are a tad bit blurry and I look maybe a bit uninterested in the camera, well that’s mostly because I didn’t know my little sneaker of a son was snapping away. There was of course hundreds more to choose from (as there always is when the kids grab a hold of the camera), but those were all super blurry or just super close-ups of my face, hair, butt and feet — you’re welcome for me leaving those out. Since I had been wanting to show you my new boots, new favorite boots I should add (LOVE THEM) — I decided to just use the pics (after a bit of clever cropping) and make a post. Also he did such a great job, my little photographer in the making.

Okay, we are moving into weather talk aka the worst kind of small talk around, but I feel like it has to be said. Since in Toronto, we seem to be in the midst of a strange (and very awesome) lengthened summer (that’s the politically correct way of saying that, correct?), fall dressing is sorta stuck in this transitional phase. The phase where you think your outfit is just right in the morning, but come the afternoon you are sweating buckets and cursing “these damn jeans!“. So while the weather decides (you can decide transitional summer-fall forever, I’m VERY cool with that!) I’m just going to alternate between my summer and fall clothes every other day, for fun.

While we are on the topic of Fall Clothes, why not check out these Fall Trends. That I broke down to be wearable and versatile.

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This is an excerpt from the article Uniform / While The Seasons Decide which originally appeared on http://heartandhabit.com/.