Currently completing my undergrad at University of Toronto, a subject was brought up in a lecture of mine last week; the professor made a comment about how poorly university students dress.

Her comment made a few wake up, and others like myself sit up a little straighter.
Before I go into what she said, I want to explain why I believe she said what she did.

When I was about 7 or 8 years old, spending my summer in Portugal, I was walking along a cobbled road that was lined with the most gorgeous boutiques and cafes. I remember, like it was yesterday, that everyone I looked at was so well dressed and so well put together. I fell in love then, with European fashion and the “joie de vivre” as Diane Von Furstenburg so often says. The culture, in Portugal as I had lived and experienced every other summer, was one that celebrated life and the desire to dress well was apparent to me especially on that day. Now, I am completely mindful that certain circumstances, such as the weather, permit for certain attire. But, what I can say is that even in the summer in Toronto, we all tend to dress a little more casually. While I am on board with not having to doll myself up every. single. day, I noted one summer while on campus that everyone was in dark coloured sweats.

The struggle is real, especially at a University that is widely known as being extremely competitive  where you literally have to spend entire days (like I have) in the library to get amazing grades. So, at that point dressing up is not a priority when you have a deadline to meet and are trying to manage 5 classes. I get it, I really do. BUT, I do have to say that while I have dressed in athletic attire, I have always cared to put myself together because, more than my interest in fashion is my interest in representing myself well.

I realize why my professor made the comment she did; she too was a student and with a PHD, she knows what “student life” is however, in addition to doing well she also wanted to look her best.

Now, my question to you is, do you agree or disagree? As a student or spectator, do you agree that University students dress poorly?

I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave us a comment and let us know

-karen michelle//.

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