Now don’t get me wrong, we’re firmly on team tea around here, but even pastel fairy people get tired and sleep deprived sometimes, and for those days we turn to coffee.

We’ve been working full steam ahead on fun Summer projects, so last week I picked up a bag of La Esperanza from the Pilot Coffee Tasting Bar to help boost our energy levels at home. With notes of lime and sugar cane, this coffee sounded like the perfect flavour to make our first ever batch of cold brew with, plus the pink packaging didn’t hurt.

Johanna and I both prefer our coffee milky and sweet, but we wanted to take things to the next level when it came to cold brew. We’ve both been trying to cut down on our dairy intake recently, so we set out to make our own version of sweet condensed milk with a touch of rose and honey. The end result? A floral, dairy-free version of Vietnamese-style iced coffee.

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