After taking part in the VU Home Try-On service, I ultimately decided upon this pair of Elizabeth & James Lafayette sunnies. I remember having the E&J style specifically saved in my ShopBop cart last year but decided against, unsure about the width and shape at large. I requested them from VU anyways, after deciding to give them another shot. Sure, the Gwyneth Paltrow and Olivia Palermo’s of the world have already donned this exact pair but the versatility of the classic shape leaves them deceivingly unfamiliar.

The initial fear of course was that they’d be too Nicole Richie circa 2002; it’s a successfully designed oversized structure when you don’t end up looking like a house-fly ready to be swatted. The mimicking winged-architecture was solid, signifying quality. There was even a mini ‘Lafayette’ logo hand-carved into one of the wings, forgoing the tacky printed brand name that wears with every use. It was all in the little details with this pair, which I loved from the first initial ‘browse’.

Having more of a square-shaped face as it is, that meant the Balenciaga pair was automatically discarded. I love square-frames in theory but there should be some diversity in the configuration of the face via accessories. The third and final pair they were up against was a pair from Prada, comparable to the Ray Ban Club Masters. I don’t even think I fully unwrapped them from the packaging before spying the grey-toned leopard print lining–an immediate no. All things I would’ve not been able to take into consideration had I not opted for the service of sheer convenience.

But if you’d rather not opt to shop online at all or simply enjoy shopping as a mere act of exertion, certainly visit their storefront the next moment you’re in Montreal (they even offer in-store holds and pick ups–handy for those exclusive arrivals).


Images: Brandi Lynne – The Form & Function

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Huge thank-you to VU for working with me. FTC: I do not promote any brand nor product that I don’t personally believe in-both morally and aesthetically.


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