DYK that wearing black makes you appear more attractive? I didn’t make this up though I completely agree with this statement. According to the survey titled The Perception of Color conducted by UK retailer buytshirtsonline.co.uk, the study asked 1,000 people to find out the qualities that they associated with the look and it concluded that those clad in noir were perceived more put-together, intelligent, and confident. Duhh! When I’m asked why my closet is one of a monochrome wardrobe, I quip that it’s simply part of my style DNA as the look is at once sophisticated and sleek; chic and cool, attractive and arrogant. It’s a clean canvas that claims you unapologetically know your fashion stance. Above all it’s the most flattering and utilitarian shade one can wear – hello LBD!

Not convinced yet, here are 10 reasons why black is a color you should wear head to toe, day to night!

1 – You can layer like a pro which will create interest to any outfit.

2 – You’ll look mature. When was the last time you saw a power suit in cotton candy colour! (FYI, the aforementioned survey also pointed that pink was seen as the least attractive shade according to men about women wearing the hue!)

3 – Your outfit will automatically look more expensive regardless if it’s bought from a fast fashion brand.

4 – Your style will be timeless because black is always the new black!

5- You can easily camouflage any accidental spills when you’re sipping on cocktails having a great time!…

This is an excerpt from the article Wearing black makes you seem attractive, confident, and intelligent which originally appeared on http://ilikeiwear.com/style/.