In a clip that is going crazy-viral as we speak, Kylie Jenner shares some thoughts for 2016:

Although the video was supposed to detail her New Year’s resolutions, Kylie skirts specifics and instead declares 2016 to be her year  of…’just realizing stuff’.

Maybe she’s onto something.

According to researcher and psychologist Richard Wiseman, 88 per cent of people who make New Year’s resolutions fail to keep them. His findings suggest the habit of goal setting, intended to make us better people, only serves to underscore our failures and inadequacies. It’s soul-destroying, really. There must be a better way.

Which brings us to Kylie.

Rather than create a list of best intentions, only to have it crumple under the weight of late January, maybe the trick, as per Kylie’s musings, is to take the pressure off by thinking in themes.  For example: I am an introvert known to cancel big nights out to spend evenings in, someone who’d rather email than call. Instead of making 2016 the year I vow to remember people’s names, meet one new person a week, and host four brunches per year, 2016 is going to be…The Year of Saying Yes.

Saying Yes offers all the ‘centering’ advantages of a sacred phrase with none of the attendant guilt or expectations of a specific resolution. Because ‘yes’ is a response, not a shattered-aspiration-in-training, it doesn’t create the behavioural second-guessing that would make me even more introverted. All I have to do is remember to answer affirmatively. It’s almost like accepting a gift. Which, come to think of it, is what I did when my pal Tom surprised me with an improv course for Christmas. Eek. But Yes.

So what if the kind of stuff Kylie realizes is that eyeliner can bring a look together or fake nose jobs are the best kind. I still think she’s onto something.

Resolutions: Out.

Mantras: In.

2016…lookin’ good.