The Co’s Fashion Correspondent, Jenn McNaughton, reviews some of the most seasoned designers and those new to the fashion week game here in Toronto. If anyone’s still wondering if Canadians have style, here’s your foolproof script. From goth girls of a decade past to a resurgence of high glam, we take a look back at the week that was.


mikhael kale

sid neigum


If we started a boy band (hypothetically), we’d want grunge kids Sid Neigum and Mikhael Kale to be frontrunners, as they were on opening night. Starting with Kale, the Toronto-based designer opened the week with a collection that literally rocked the front row and rolled, well…the models, after one tumble and a few close calls were spotted. Turns out plastic wrap—although deemed Instagram-worthy-proves more catastrophe for a freshly slicked catwalk. Jokes aside, the collection full of patent and piercings scored major street cred. Neigum preferred a quieter, more intimate viewing of his creations for fall, draping statuesque models in signature tuck and fold style. Kale would bring Joan Jett’s bad reputation, with a strong vocal lead from Neigum Nicks—er, Stevie Nicks.


malorie urbanovitch

sosken studios

sosken sunnies


As we’re in the midst of retiring our weighty winter attire, we wish Toronto had surpassed the fashion calendar in order for us to get our hands on the outerwear offering at Malorie Urbanovitch and SKEN Studios. SØSKEN’s Melissa Minicucci delivered a continuation on the long-line silhouette we’ve been seeing across fashion month, complete with impeccable, Kendall Jenner-approved tailoring. Paired with her take on the classic aviator, our bets on spotting the Canadian label worn by new-gen supermodels. Urbanovitch kept dimension with contrasting interior lining and underlaying knitwear—head-to-toe neutral, no doubt. Cue a sigh of relief as some much needed “lightness” has been added Canada’s winter aesthetic.


unttld fur


If there was ever a time to raid Grandma’s closet, it would be now in preparation for the abundance of fur stoles as…wait for it…an arm accessory (because carrying a handbag isn’t enough of a nuisance). The latest accent piece isn’t in the form of g-ma’s costume jewelry, nor her collection of Chanel suit jackets but for her vintage fox tail that resembles the floor-sweeping limb-extensions at UNTTLD.


unttld gold

helder diego gold lame



The designers debuted another one of the season’s biggest trends alongside Helder Diego: gold lame, infusing the kind of confidence we need to be Grace Kelly in Edith Head. Translated in the form of modern-day ready-to-wear, models walked in shimmering metallic slips and tanks, making it the perfect piece for layering, while still giving tribute to one of Princess Diana’s red carpet favs.





Every season there’s a new designer to watch it seems, which further exemplifies the amount of emerging talent facilitated in our very backyard. Last season, it was Edmonton-resider, Malorie Urbanovitch; the season before that, luxury streetwear designer, Hayley Elsaesser. This time around, Edun-loving and Phoebe Philo-obsessing fashion peeps couldn’t stop buzzing about Markoo Studios—a label designed in Canada and Portugal, focusing on shape and fit. Having stockists in the United States, New Zealand, Korea and of course, Canada, they’re the next design duo ready for the international stage.


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Feature Image Courtesy: Jenn McNaughton