Gone forever may be those awkward Facebook moments when your favorite shop announces it’s closing down or your friend says she’s missing work because of a stomach virus and you’re left wondering if you should click the “like” button or not. It’s an easy and accepted way to show support, but really, who actually LIKES store closings and sickness?

Turns out, Facebook has mulled over this dilemma for a long time, too. And thanks to a push from Chris Cox, Chief Products Officer, the Like Button will soon be slipping out the back door.

What will take its place? A new range of “emoji” buttons have been proposed including anger, sadness, love, wow and laughter. Your new arsenal of emotions will be collectively called Reactions….

This is an excerpt from the article Will You Miss The Facebook Like Button When It Disappears? which originally appeared on http://thinkingoutsidethesandbox.ca/.