The always quotable, Every day is a runway show and the world is your catwalk,has perpetually left me transfixed. On one hand, I inherently agree, having experienced that elation of feeling good in your (literal) shoes and knowing it. On the other, I do not hype up the catalysts that scheme street style snaps like its a scientific equationelements of authenticity must result.

Sidelined in the fashion week trenches are the veterans who established the street style cohort: Daniel Kim of Walking Canucks, Mauricio Calero of blogTO and FASHION Mag, and freelancer Chris Smart. These are the tastemakerseditors, bloggers, stylists, general public, etcwho rearrange the hypothetical fashion-depth of field; less emphasis on themselves, more on the designers. Its those who managed to hustle to the tents from work or school – in practical footwear versus five-inch skeletal heels – that served as my inspiration. 

Scroll through these Vogue-ready every day-ers, innocently caught in the sartorial moment happening off the runway.

1 copyJoelle Litt, Stylist/Editor of Bon Bon Magazine, @joellelittfashion (left) Photo: Jenn McNaughton

2Ania Boniecka, Blogger, @aniab  Photo: Jenn McNaughton

3Nicole Ostella, Fashion Marketing Student, @nicoleostella (left) & Allexa Schabel (right), Dance Student, @allexaschabel Photo: Jenn McNaughton

4Danielle Campbell, Art Assistant at ELLE Canada/Editor of Zeum Magazine, @daniellesuzanne_ Photo: Jenn McNaughton

5Stathis Pavlopoulos, Student, @stathispavlopoulos Photo: Jenn McNaughton

6Brandi Shields-McGee, Stylist, @brannybott  Photo: Jenn McNaughton

7Ania Boniecka, Blogger, @aniab (left) & Yazmin Harris, Blogger/Journalism Student, @yaz3ashley (right) Photo: Jenn McNaughton

8Jean Grant, Writer for Toronto Life, @jgrant Photo: Jenn McNaughton


Jaclyn Genovese, Owner Jac Flash/Spaces by Jac Flash, @jaclyngenovesePhoto: Jenn McNaughton

10Jaclyn Genovese  Photo: Jenn McNaughton

11 (1)Photo: Jenn McNaughton

12Photo: Jenn McNaughton

13 copyZoe Colivas, Model, @zocolivas  Photo: Jenn McNaughton

14Zoe Colivas Photo: Jenn McNaughton

15Jed Viera, @jedviera (right) & Dylan Dias, Writer/Stylist, @thedylandias (right)  Photo: Jenn McNaughton

16 copyNathalie Shible, Blogger, @woahstyledotcom (left) & Michael Biro, Blogger/Student ,@globalgarcon Photo: Jenn McNaughton

17 copyNathalie Shible  Photo: Jenn McNaughton

18Nathalie Shible  Photo: Jenn McNaughton

19Photo: Jenn McNaughton

YpFz3NG8PdhN0lfpWjxVHGuhv5O5XgcWvOondsEMecMPhoto: Jenn McNaughton

IhmeUnts4O_SOCpsS4Zez5bwAJfuP4Nr_o0r-IoFF7cBrandi Shields-McGee  Photo: Jenn McNaughton