I know what you’re thinking: “Jenn, how exactly could you misplace days 2,3, and 4?” Rest assured, I will be doing some photo sets of those looks in the coming weeks but as long as Murphy’s Law exists, of course fashion week wouldn’t be complete without some rather inconvenient rain and interfering weekly events. Aka I kind of couldn’t prolong my midterms on the premise that I needed street style shots done, you feel? In a perfect world, perhaps.

This Margiela-inspired exaggerated sleeved blouse from Front Row Shop should be enough to hold down the fort here on EOS while I push through the end of October; captivating at first glance and at the optimal price of $49, completely covetable. To keep with the continuum of extended limbs, I paired these Keepsake sateen culottes and a stretched skinny scarf to elongate the look in its entirety. The trouser’s accentuation of my waist revealed an impressional form-fitted figure to an outfit that could’ve veered frumpy without. Before heading to the tents for final day showings, Sam and I met on the steps of the nearby TD Tower to utilize low, under-hanging lights and minimal stone structure.

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– Images: Sam Yohannes

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