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As a life-long TD customer (seriously, the first bank account I ever opened back when I was kid was with TD!), I couldn’t be more proud to be with a Canadian banking institution that’s so heavily invested in their communities from coast-to-coast.

This year, to recognize our country’s 150th birthday, TD is supporting 150 grassroots initiatives across Canada through their #TDCommonGround project. To give you an idea of who they have decided to support and how, last fall TD invited organizations to apply for funding from TD Friends of the Environment Foundation.

So far they have released information on 7 flagship projects that are taking place in major cities across the country that are designed to help serve the distinct needs of growing communities that are quickly moving forward. These along with 150+ initiatives across Canada will help create a legacy by revitalizing green spaces to bring us all together.

Here in Toronto their focus is on Morningside Park in Scarborough, which happens to be Toronto’s largest (and a relatively underused) park area. Even I will admit that as a born and raised Torontonian I have never been to Morningside Park and now that I’ve had the chance to research it, I’m wondering why not? From what I’ve seen through images online so far, this incredible park — which occupies most of the deep valley of Highland Creek — is filled with tons of green space, beautiful creeks and tons of wildlife!


Although full details on their plans for the Morningside Park initiative are still to come, Toronto and Region Conservation have announced their plans to help create a unique area for community celebration and a pollinator education at Morningside Park.

According to the  , this particular project represents ‘a critical step in establishing new opportunities for the community to engage with and learn about the ecologically diverse Morningside Park in Scarborough’. Considering we are living in a critical time for pollinators (they’ve been dying off at an alarming rate and are crucial for the growth of our plants), I am ecstatic about these plans and can’t wait to see what comes from this project later this year.


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