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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for stopping by, if this is your first time – WELCOME! If not, thank you for visiting again! I know I usually write about life tips and growth related items but today I wanted to touch on something different and something that I am particularly excited about. Well I shouldn’t really say “something different” because for those of you who know me, you would know how passionately in love with the City of Waterloo I am, so this particular project really has my heart.

Now it sounds like I am trying to brainwash people into moving to Waterloo (maybe I am) but for those of you who don’t know, I am a Toronto native who moved to Waterloo about 2.5 years ago. Since then, it has become home.

Moving to a city all by yourself was a very unnerving experience, especially when you don’t know anyone (actually my sister was there, 4 years at the University of Waterloo); you are left with no other choice but to adapt.

Being a person specializing in real estate, I spent quite an extensive amount of time studying the city; the people, the demographics, the geography, the land marks to name a few (not only to support me in business but for my own self-help). I didn’t realize how different Waterloo was compared to the concrete jungle, that is Toronto. It took me heck of a lot of time to adjust from the noise and chaos to the calm and quiet. At first, I certainly panicked, sleepless nights wondering why I moved and then I said to myself “If I cannot change my situation, I will change the way I see the situation”. Now, I am also a nurse – so a big part of me is constantly looking for places to bring me peace and a positive state of mind. When times get chaotic (which they are almost 98% of the time); I spent a lot of time outdoors, in nature, with people, by water, near grass, sunny or cloudy, rain or shine. I strongly believe in socialization as a huge contributor to mental health which I knew I had to do at some point since I did not have any friends or family in Waterloo at first.

I watched a documentary on Happiness recently which suggested that the primary indicator/contributor to eternal happiness is “building relationships. Some of us are so used to the fast-paced working life that we never step back to relax, talk to people, go out, go for walks, meet new people, socialize, engage with the community and build healthy relationships; which is why I believe so much in this project because I can see all that unfolding already and I can already predict the closeness of the community once the project is complete.

Thanks to the generosity of TD, through the TD Common Ground Project, there will be some incredible revitalization happening over the next little while at Waterloo Park, and I am so grateful to be a part of this movement and transition because it hits me so close to home and so personally. As I was seeking to find my new life in Waterloo, Waterloo Park was a place I spent a lot of my time at. I still remember, when my cousins/nieces/nephew came to visit, the first place we went to was Waterloo Park.  The TD Common Ground Project is an initiative to recognize Canada’s 150th birthday, creating a legacy by revitalizing 150+ green spaces across the country to bring us all together. Although the park was already a great spot to be, the improvements will contribute so much to community collaboration, safety of the people there and an infinite amount of ongoing memories to be made.

Some of the plans for Waterloo Park include the twinning of the Silver Lake bridge to provide separate cycling and pedestrian routes at one of the busiest sections of the trail, a look out over Silver Lake that could be used for small events, and the creation of a more pedestrian-friendly Central Street entrance gathering spot..

Waterloo Park is one of the few that is a landmark to many of us residents there (if not all). Waterloo Park is considered “The Jewel” of the city, a 47-hectare (111-acre) park; boasting a ton of green space, walking/cycling trails, recreational sites such as baseball diamonds/tennis courts, close to schools, close walk through to uptown Waterloo + technology hub, the new ION LRT (under development), a lake, and even a mini-zoo that’s open to everyone. This park is a spot for everyone, for youngsters, to students, to families – memories are always created at this park.

Anyhow, I feel like I can go on and on about this project but I will stop here (for now). It is truly a heartwarming experience to be a part of this revitalization project as I will be following it from start to finish, so stay tuned for upcoming posts on the blog and make sure to follow me on Instagram + twitter @thenisakaran as well as TD Canada (link below).

Until next time, check out some of the pics/video below along with the proposed designs provided by the City of Waterloo & Stantec below.







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