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I am beyond excited to share an update on the TD Common Ground Project in Waterloo. Some of you who have been following the blog already know about the first initial phases of the project but today I have more updates on the progress. If you haven’t seen the first post yet, check it out here: TD Common Ground Project – Waterloo #1

In recognition of Canada’s 150th birthday, TD is revitalizing over 150 green spaces in communities across Canada. The Waterloo flagship piece of the TD Common Ground Project is the revitalization of Waterloo Park which was underway mid-May.

The existing bridge is not wide enough to provide separate cyclist and pedestrian routes and therefore causes functional and safety concerns for park users and commuters.

The twinning will increase safety for all users by separating cyclists from pedestrians. In addition, the new pedestrian bridge will have a lookout over Silver Lake, which will provide an opportunity for small scale events, gatherings and a meeting space.

The central promenade bridge is part of the Laurel/Trans Canada Trail.

When it comes to the master planning process for this park, one of the guiding principles, or core values, for the park is to generate safe, flexible and dynamic spaces that offer a variety of experiences for the users.

Both the Central Park entrance and the central promenade twin bridges will incorporate space for gathering/meeting as well as for small-scale community events.

These spaces offer a number of new uses for residents, other than a means to get from point A to point B. Another guiding principle in the park master plan is to facilitate safe movement of park users and give priority to the pedestrian experience.

The public park movement in Canada was based on a concept that parks are a retreat and refuge from the hectic life of towns and cities.  The province introduced the Public Parks Act in 1893 to recognize that public parks were an important element to urban life.

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I am looking forward to seeing the completed Waterloo project in 2018 and how the it will be a positive change.


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