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One of the things I love to learn more about is the science of happiness. There are so many studies on the world’s happiest people, exploring where they live, how they live and who they are living with.


The things that make me the happiest are a hot cup of good coffee, people I love and lots of room to explore. It is pretty easy for me to rank my city as a pretty happy city and it ticks a lot of boxes that make someone happy: porch facing a street, tree lined property, easily accessible bike paths, near places of community and close to a park.


Living in a city that capitalizes on transportation, especially as a pedestrian, is pretty high on my list of non-negotiables. Being able to have easily accessible pedestrian and cycle paths in a city encourages me to ditch my car more often which increases my chances of running into neighbours on my commute and also adds exercise to my day.  In addition to all of this, it also means cleaner air, fewer accidents and a healthier population.



I am more proud than ever to be a part of the TD Common Ground Project this year. If you missed my first post on the project, TD is supporting 150+ grassroots initiatives as a part of their TD Common Ground Project, to revitalize green spaces to bring communities together. Basically, they are working towards a happier and healthier Canada.

Combining insights from experts in green space, as well as survey results from a poll of 1500 Canadians the TD GreenSights Report reinforces the need for easily accessible green spaces for Canadians. The vast majority of Canadians (95 per cent) agree that access to community green space will be important to their quality of life in the future, but three-quarters feel that their local green space could be better.


Fortunately for Waterloo, TD has identified Waterloo Park as one of their projects that they are working to make better.


The last time that I spoke, they were finalizing the designs of the project and on my runs this summer, I have seen construction in the park (which fits right in with the rest of the city at the moment).  The project is separating the entrances for vehicles and pedestrians to make it safer to ride, run or walk in the park. The second piece of the project is to separate the pathway for pedestrians and cyclists as the existing bridge is quite narrow to accommodate both.


The project will be completed in 2018 and I am so excited for the final unveiling. It is going to be a huge improvement for athletes as well as keeping the pedestrian path clear for families, kids and the thousands of residents that walk the park each year. Click here to stay up-to-date on the Waterloo project.



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